Water Resource Development Division

Water resources planning and the design of water development projects has been a principal area of operation for the firm since its founding.  Projects undertaken by the firm have ranged from an individual domestic water system to a 70,000 acre irrigation project and have included gravity and pressurized conveyance systems with capacities up to 2,200 cfs.  Funding mechanisms have included federal, state, local and private methods or combinations thereof.

Previous Projects

Project:  Wauneta Flood Control
Owner:  Village of Wauneta
Location:  Wauneta, Nebraska

The Village of Wauneta had experienced serious flooding from the Frenchman River due to the overgrown and meandering channel.  This project cleaned, widened, & straightened the channel and provided the village with protection from a 100 year flood.

Project:  Phelps Main Canal System
Owner: Central Nebraska Public Power & Irrigation District
Location:  Kearney & Adams Counties, Nebraska

This multi-million dollar project included the rehabilitation of over 30 miles of canals and laterals and the replacement of over 100 structures.

The Phelps canal system supplies over 110,000 acres with water.  The work was scheduled over several years meeting the districts schedule and utilizing local contractors.

Project:  Burwell Diversion Dam
Owner:  North Loup Public Power & Irrigation District
Location:  Burwell, Nebraska

This project involved the replacement of an existing concrete diversion dam on the North Loup River.  The existing 40 year old dam was determined to be structurally unsound.  The new dam, designed for flows ranging from 100 cfs to 10,000 cfs was constructed directly adjacent to the existing structure.

The owner, NLPP&ID, is an operating irrigation district.  Therefore, all work had to be completed between October 1st and April 15th.  Winter construction methods were used to meet the deadline.

Project:  Graygoose Irrigation
Owner:  Gray Goose Irrigation District
Location:  Pierre, South Dakota

This project consisted of reconnaissance and feasibility studies, design and construction supervision of a delivery system to bring water from the Missouri River (lake Oahe behind Oahe Dam) to 3,600 acres of project lands in Hughs County, South Dakota.  The deliver system consisted of a 15,000 gpm main pump station and 20 miles of pipelines ranging from 36 inches to 8 inches in diameter.