W Design Associates is an independent consulting engineering and architectural firm owned entirely by its officers, associates and employees.

Established in 1965, the firm is diversified and offers in-house services in the areas of water resource development, sanitary, highway, municipal, flood control, irrigation, drainage, water supply, structures, architecture and also has electrical and mechanical engineering design capabilities.

Engineering and architectural services available include every phase of service required to bring a project from concept through reconnaissance and feasibility studies, design, contract documents, construction management and on to startup and operation.

Image of Plumbing within McCook Water Treatment Plant

Public works projects such as bridges, highways, airports, streets, water and sewage systems, etc., which are currently termed "Infrastructure" have comprised a major portion of this firm's volume of work since 1965.  Individual projects completed number over 500 with a high percentage being with repeat clients on a continuing basis, demonstrating the trust they place with the firm.

Image of Mary Lanning Health Care Foundation Parenting and Child Care Center

The design of buildings and their environment has been a strength of the firm since 1968.  Architectural design with emphasis on economy, function and aesthetics is complemented by in-house structural, mechanical and electrical engineering.  This team maintains control over the total building design and costs, thus providing better building performance and client satisfaction.

Image of Burwell Diversion Dam

Water resources planning and the design of water development projects has been a principal area of operation for the firm since its founding.  Projects undertaken by the firm have ranged from an individual domestic water system to a 70,000 acre irrigation project and have included gravity and pressurized conveyance systems with capacities up to 2,200 cfs.  Funding mechanisms have included federal, state, local and private methods or combinations thereof.