Civil Engineering Division

Public works projects such as bridges, highways, airports, streets, water and sewage systems, etc., which are currently termed "Infrastructure" have comprised a major portion of the firm's volume of work since 1965.  Individual projects completed number over 500 with a high percentage being with repeat clients on a continuing basis, demonstrating the trust they place with the firm.

Recent Projects

Project:  McCook Water Treatment Plant
Owner:  City of McCook
Location:  McCook, Nebraska

Image of McCook Treatment Plant Main Building

W Design Associates provided design services and construction administration for several water system projects totaling over $13 million.  The projects include a new drinking water treatment facility, a new 4 million gallon treated water storage tank, new booster station, two new wells, rehabilitation of 7 existing wells and new connecting water mains.  Completion for these projects was in early 2006.  The treatment plant was designed as a joint venture project with Jacobsen-Helgoth Consultants.

Image of 4 million gal. storage reservior under construction

Project:  Water Study and New Transmission Line
Reference:  Bob Hittner
Location:  Trumbull, Nebraska

Image of water line installation

When the City of Trumbull was facing high nitrates, they turned to W Design Associates.  We worked with them to explore various options, including the financing available to fund the project.  The final solution involved a new elevated tower and eight miles of transmission line to connect to the City of Hastings.

Project:  Wastewater Treatment Facility
Owner:  City of Wood River
Location:  Wood River, Nebraska

Image of RBC installation

The rehabilitation of Wood River's wastewater treatment plant was accomplished by replacing one RBC disk and adding a second to the system.  The remarkable thing about the project was the rapidity at which it was accomplished.  By breaking down the project into separate contracts and having the City order the specialized equipment before installation contracts were let, we were able to save at least a month in lead time.  The project was completed on time and within budget.

Previous Projects

Project:  Imperial Municipal Airport Runway Rehabilitation
Owner:  Imperial Airport Authority
Location:  Imperial, Nebraska

Due to heavy rain in 1993 the Imperial Municipal Airport was closed for several weeks.  The purpose of this project was to prevent that from happening again.  Combined funding was obtained from the State of Nebraska. the Economic Development Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration.

This project won the 1995 Concrete Airport Paving "Project of the Year" from the Nebraska chapter of the American Concrete Pavement Association.

It also won the 1995 state aid project of the year from the Nebraska Department of Aeronautics for project design and administration.

Project:  Wauneta Water System Improvements
Owner:  Village of Wauneta
Location:  Wauneta, Nebraska

The Village's two old concrete water storage reservoirs were literally falling apart.  They also had no back-up water supply when a 60 plus yr. old well had to be taken out of service.  W Design Associates assisted the Village in procuring funding, designing and then supervising the construction of two new wells, a 500,000 gal. storage reservoir and related water mains.

Project:  McCook Solid Waste Transfer Station
Owner:  City of McCook
Location:  McCook, Nebraska

The implementation in recent years of the solid waste regulations, though necessary, can be an extreme burden to citizens.  In order to ease that burden we designed an innovative solution of remodeling an existing shop into McCook's new solid waste transfer station.  This saved the citizens literally hundreds of thousands of dollars

Project:  Sheridan County Grandstand
Owner:  Sheridan County Commissioners
Location:  Sheridan, Wyoming

The design of spectator seating is an engineering strong point of W Design Associates.  Since 1965 we have designed over 100 different projects throughout the Midwest.

The Sheridan County Grandstand is a pre-cast concrete stadium which seats 4,000 people.  In addition to the stadium itself, the space underneath was designed for concessions, restrooms and an exhibition hall.