Architectural Design Division

The design of buildings and their environment has been a strength of the firm since 1968.  Architectural design with emphasis on economy, function and aesthetics is complemented by in-house structural, mechanical and electrical engineering.  This team maintains control over the total building design and costs, thus providing better building performance and client satisfaction.

Recent Projects

Project:  Keystone Hotel
Reference:  Rex Nelson
Location:  McCook, Nebraska

The Keystone Hotel Project is a combination of historical preservation and adaptive reuse of existing spaces to return this building to a viable part of downtown McCook.  The intent of this project is to rehabilitate the public spaces, recreating the historical image and function of the building.  This will be most important to the first floor, portions of the second floor and the entire exterior of the building.

The plan is to fully rehabilitate the exterior features.  Companies have been located to replicate stamped metal accents and stone trim.  Windows will be replaced with modern equivalents replicating the original pattern and operation.  The new elevator/stair tower will be a masonry exterior with minimal embellishment to minimize its impact on the historical image of the building.

Interior features include the main public lobby, office, ballroom, elevator and other areas which will be rehabilitated.  The elevators will be replaced with new ADA sized elevators.  The bulk of these areas are all original and will need repairs and new finishes.  Companies have been located to replicate or recreate interior lighting and building trim.  Overall the goal is to have a gradual transition from the fully rehabilitated public spaces with their historical importance to the fully adapted remodeled private spaces providing fully functional spaces.

All of the existing HVAC system will be replaced with high efficiency systems designed for the specific occupancies in the building.  All new lighting and electrical systems are also a part of this project.

Project:  Hastings Federal Credit Union
Manager:  Linda Stark
Location:  Hastings, Nebraska

Image of Hastings Federal Credit Union

The Hastings Federal Credit Union building, completed in 2003 is 5,080 sq. ft. with a 3,025 sq. ft. basement.  The entire project cost $800,000+.  The project included site development, architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and special systems all designed in house by W Design Associates.

Architectural features include custom designed teller workstations situated in a spacious vaulted lobby area.  This space was designed for maximum versatility for staff to supervise the lobby teller line and two station drive-up window from a single central location.  The open plan of this space makes the interior seem to be a much larger space.  The exterior of the building features low maintenance brick masonry, stucco, anodized aluminum windows, prefinished metal fascia, soffits and gutters along with economical asphalt shingles.

The site features easy drive through access to the drive-up window along with generous on-site parking.  The parking is well lighted and observed with security cameras providing a high level of security for staff and customers.

Project:  Dawson Tire Service
Owner:  Eric MacPherson
Location:  Gothenburg, Nebraska

Image of Dawson Tire Service

Dawson Tire Service is an 8,400 sq. ft. automotive truck and farm tire service facility.  The new building provides two drive through service bays for tractor-trailer trucks and four drive in bays for car and small truck service.  The design provides a showroom, office and restrooms along with an upper level storage space.  The project is complete and under budget at $416,000.

Project:  Country House Grand Island
Administrator:  Stacy Glock
Location:  Grand Island, Nebraska

Image of Country House

The Country House is a new assisted living Alzheimer care facility of 12,980 sq. ft. with an estimated value of $1,400,000.  The project was completed in August of 2005 and residents are moving in.  A feature of this project is a large outdoor secure walking area for the residents.  The construction bids received for the project were within the estimated budget.

Project:  McCook Senior Center
Administrator:  Sue Chipman
Location:  McCook, Nebraska

Image of McCook Senior Center

We designed the project that doubled the size from 5,500 sq. ft. to 11,000 sq. ft.  The $756,000 upgrade to the building included a new parking lot and interior remodeling to bring the building into compliance with Nebraska Accessibility Guidelines.  The project was completed under budget and three months ahead of schedule.  The project was funded in part with a CDBG Grant.  The McCook Senior Center Project was completed in the spring of 2004.  The City Manager, John Bingham, has commented that the utility bill have remained the same after doubling the size of the building.

Project:  Hillcrest Nursing Home
Administrator:  Peggy Rogers
Location:  McCook, Nebraska

Image of Hillcrest Nursing Home dining area project

We have completed three major additions to this nursing home.  We designed a 20-bed addition in 1967, a 12 bed addition in 1981 and in 1989 we designed a complete remodeling of the entrance, dining room and recreation area.  The 1967 project cost was $178,000; the 1981 project cost was $388,000; and the 1989 project cost was $140,000.  We recently completed the design and construction for the remodeling of the Dining Room and Restorative Therapy for a cost of $261,000.  We are currently designing a parking lot and landscaping project for the nursing home.

Project:  Grace United Methodist Church
Building Committee Chair:  Dave Johnson
Location:  Hastings, Nebraska

Image of Grace United Methodist Church under construction

This project is an $850,000 expansion of the existing church for a multipurpose facility for recreation and education.  The project was completed in September 2005 within the budget and on time.  The addition features five classrooms and a large multipurpose room for all church activities with a design complementing the original church.

Project:  McCook Christian Church
Reference:  Dan Miller
Location:  McCook, Nebraska

Completed in 2005 the McCook Christian Church was the adaptive reuse of a grocery store building into a church.  The sanctuary of this church will seat almost 500 people, all with uninterrupted sight lines of the stage area.  Other features include multiple classrooms, fellowship hall and church offices.  The bulk of the work was done by church members.

Project:  McCook Public Power District
Reference:  Jim Phinney
Location:  McCook, Nebraska

Image of McCook Public Power District Office

This office building addition was completed in the spring of 2005.  The project added 6,000 sq. ft. of space providing new technical work space, administrative offices and board room along with remodeling approximately 2,000 sq. ft. of the existing building to update the main reception area and office space.  The original budget was $600,000 and the original construction bid in May 2004 was $522,048.

Project:  NC+ Office - Warehouse
Owner:  Hastings Economic Development Corp.
Reference:  Dee Haussler
Location:  Hastings, Nebraska

Image of NC+ Office - Warehouse building

This project is a combined office and warehouse space constructed in an industrial park in the north part of Hastings, Nebraska.  The office area was 4,300 sq. ft. and the warehouse portion was 9,000 sq. ft.  The total project costs were approximately $500,000.

Project:  Crossroads Center
Executive Director:  Paul Spence
Location:  Hastings, Nebraska

Image of Crossroads Center

W Design Associates completed the renovation of the 35,000 sq. ft. old Sunnyside retirement facility into a homeless shelter in 2005.  The facility will house men and women's overnight facilities; men and women's program units used for social rehabilitation; men's and women's family units; computer training; and vocational training.

W Design Associates provided complete architectural, mechanical, electrical, structural and civil engineering services.  The facility features a new state-of-the-art ground loop heat pump system for the seventy-six bed facility, general updating and remodel for needs and ADA compliance, and a security access control system.  The project cost for the Crossroads Center was $815,000.

Previous Projects

Project:  Deshler Public Schools
Location:  Deshler, Nebraska

This project was a new school building for a K-12 program.  The 50,000 sq. ft. project was constructed for $1,800,000 dollars.  The features of the project was a new two story classroom structure, free standing industrial arts building and a new multi-use gymnasium.

Highland Park Retirement Community
Owner:  Private Ownership
Location:  McCook, Nebraska

Highland Park is a 32 apartment retirement facility.  It has 14 - two bedroom and 18 - one bedroom units.  These adjoin a large commons area with a library, dining room and living room along with a hobby room and ice cream parlor.  The central kitchen provides two meals per day.

Each apartment provides spacious private living quarters that are no more than 120 feet from the commons area.  The two apartment floor plans are available in four sizes.

Project:  Peoples State Bank
Location:  Colby, Kansas

This project was a new 5,900 sq. ft. bank.  A primary feature in the bank is the oak tellers' counter styled after the owner's original bank in Rexford, Kansas.  Another feature of the bank is the authentic metal ceiling adding to the "Victorian" atmosphere of the lobby.

The challenge of combining a modern banking facility and all of its functions with the owner's desire for a "Victorian" era style demonstrates our keen ability to work closely with our clients.

Project:  Burlington Village
Owner:  Dr. Charles Damico
Location:  Hastings, Nebraska

This project was a complete face lift and interior remodel and addition to an existing building.  It was a design build project with the owners selected contractor.  It included retail and commercial office space on the main street of Hastings.  A second project Burlington Village 220 is currently in progress.

Project:  Mary Lanning Health Care Foundation - Parenting and Child Care Center
Director:  Pamela Kearney, President
Location:  Hastings, Nebraska

This project was a complete new childcare building for 100 children.  It was a $1,000,000+ project requiring architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical plans and specifications.

The mechanical included ground source geothermal heating and cooling with in floor radiant heat.  The walls and basement are constructed with reinforced concrete in insulated concrete forms.

Project:  Amfirst Bank
Owner:  Mr. Van Korell, President
Location:  McCook, Nebraska

This project is a $2.1 million addition and remodeling of the existing AmFirst Bank in McCook.  We began our relationship in 1975 with this company's first bank in Hayes Center, Nebraska.  This bank project features building wide systems for distribution of computer networking and communications.  We worked with bank staff for the selection of computer backup systems.  The design incorporates meeting rooms supported by computer and video systems for employee training.  This project involved 18,000 sq. ft. of banking offices and public spaces designed to enhance the operations of the bank and services to their clients.

The goal of this project was to transform the original building, designed by others, into AmFirsts flagship building.  We worked with the owners of AmFirst Bank to design a solution to be built in phases allowing the bank to stay in operation during the metamorphosis of a generic building into a stately edifice.